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Have you decide for a new challenge?

“Scientists dream about doing great things.
Engineers do them.”

-James A. Michener, novelist

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Information Technologies

To be an expert does not always mean doing the same task for many years. Leave your dogmas at the door.

Software engineer specializing in Java Technologies.

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Chemical Engineering

We use also math and physics to solve technical problems
and to make products from raw materials into another useful form. 

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Design Products

Engineers are innovators at heart.

We turn ideas into reality and solve problems
that better society.

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Mechanical engineering

Designing and building machines and systems of machines that improve operating efficiency is of prime importance.

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Building and Construction

Creating innovative and practical buildings required from engineering design expert to ensure that every project meets expectations of clients and building users.

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Engeris - We Recruit Engineers

What we do


We are recruiting engineers for international careers on most demanding industries.
We are passionate about bringing new ideas to client's recruitment demand.


Engineering Permanent Recruitment

We recruit and select engineers 
by targeting of the suitable candidates according
 the established competence profile
in a
 precisely defined environment across
different sectors and industries.

Engineering Direct Search

We provide an effective search
the key specialists with rare engineering skills. 
Our Direct Search involves direct and precise
targeting those that we know that potentially
meet the requirements. We are identifying 
the right engineers through the analysis of relevant 

professional groups and penetration of companies 
with a similar profile, structure and organization.  

International Engineers Recruitment
& Candidate Relocation Consultancy 

We offer a cross-border recruitment
strategies designed to attract and select an
 and rare foreign candidates. 
We support candidates with relocation
and integration into new job.

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Who we are


Dariusz Ptak

"I continued my recruitment market experience and passion for technology. I combined them both in Engeris. I like challenges not only in professional life. Preparation for marathons and triathlon teach me patience and consistency in achieving objectives."

Dariusz, has 15 years experience in HR Solutions and Staffing international market and many years experience in Execitive roles.

Responsible for Poland.

Grażyna Chmielowska

"My recipe for work and life? Let's be honest. Success and happiness is systematic work and consistency in action. I believe in people and their well-intentioned but hard work on the way to a destination brings results. Well, but also leave room for improvisation and not pretend someone else ..." 

Grażyna, has many years experience in HR Solutions and Staffing Global Provider, including over 10 years on Senior Sales and Management positions.

Resposible for Switzerland.